Saturday, September 28, 2019

That One Guy...

For the longest time in my life I was convinced my grandparents were invincible.

That there was no possible way they will not be around to witness the major events that would occur in my life.

And the idea of loved ones passing on was something I shouldn't be overly worried about, because everyone would outlive me and I will not go through the process of having to deal with anybody's passing.

How wrong was I?

The biggest reality check in the came form of my dearest Grandfather.

That one guy, apart from my Father who would take the greatest interest in me and my life.

That one guy who would diligently wake me up at 4 am so that I could prepare for my Year 10 finals.

That one guy who would wait for me to return after school, so we could hang out together chatting or to simply watch people go by at the playground.

That one guy who forever believed in me and my talents whatsoever he thought I had.

That one guy, who would turn up at the airport every single time we visited India.

That one guy, who had unconditional love for his granddaughters, every single one of us.

That one guy, who would have constant banters with his wife, yet is unable to live without her.

That one guy, who had impeccable English and was well read and well informed for his age.

That one guy who would tolerate my incessant speeches, melodramatic performances of imaginary stories.

That one guy who would eagerly read what I wrote.

That one guy who was ever so proud of me.

That one guy who gifted me my first ever stethoscope because he knew that was what to come in the future.

That one guy whose passing came as a shock.

That one guy whose photo I carried throughout Medical School to keep me sane and motivated.

That one guy that I wish was with me right now.

That one guy, I dearly miss...


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